FreshGrass Album Fund

Freshgrass Album Fund

Freshgrass Album Fund

FreshGrass gives support to roots music artists and bands who are ready to make a new album. FreshGrass foundation provides grants of up to $25,000, with the exact amount to be determined on a per project basis. Commission Artists and bands will maintain all ownership of their music. Through these grants, FreshGrass hopes to promote and facilitate artists’ and bands’ creative freedom in the production and distribution of new roots music.

FreshGrass is interested in supporting commission artists and bands who are pushing the boundaries of roots music through powerful songwriting, innovative musical arrangements, virtuosic playing and singing, and who have significant and creative artistic statements to make through their music. FreshGrass defines “roots music” as a broad collection of musical styles that includes bluegrass, folk, old-time, Americana, blues, jazz and world music, as well as classical music if there is an emphasis on folk or traditional tunes.

Similarly, FreshGrass foundation considers an “album” to simply be a collection of recordings in one place. Thus, the FreshGrass Album Fund will make grants to support both traditional physical album releases, as well as projects that are employing any innovative or new ways of distributing or making available a collection of music that would not involve the making of a physical CD or vinyl record (such as digital only, subscriptions, etc.).

Who can apply?

  • Both emerging and established musicians, as well as both signed and unsigned artists and bands, are all welcome to apply.
  • You, and all members of the band (if applicable) need to be at least 18 years old to apply .
  • Only citizens and residents of the United States can apply.

What is FreshGrass looking for ?

  • Original music or unique treatments of traditional music resulting in creative and artful roots music albums
  • Virtuosic or distinct stylistic instrumental playing and/or vocals
  • Innovative and/or unique songwriting and arrangements
  • Contemporary relevance while rooted in tradition
  • Potential of the album to push forward roots music in some way
  • Bands or artists who are committed to their craft and have a track record of performing
  • Bluegrass, folk, old-time, Americana, blues, jazz, world music and even classical ensembles doing roots-related music
  • Special projects that may not fit neatly into a traditional album format but that stand up artistically (an extended composition, for example)
  • Traditional CD or vinyl record or some new form of releasing the album or collection of music (digital only, fan subscription, etc.)
  • Fully realized projects in terms of song selection and participants
  • Accurate and detailed budgets


  • FreshGrass will support projects with grants ranging from $2,000 to $25,000, as determined in the sole discretion of FreshGrass.
  • Grant requests can be for specific parts or components of an album project or for 100% of the project costs (as long as the total project cost is less than $25,000).
  • FreshGrass must be acknowledged with its logo on the album cover and fuller description in the liner notes or other accompanying materials (detailed specifications will be provided to grant recipients).
  • FreshGrass is currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

To Apply:

  • Click on the APPLY TO THE ALBUM FUND button below. You will be asked to register with Submittable, which involves entering your contact information and choosing a username and password.
  • Fill out the online application. You can save it and return to it as often as needed until you are ready to submit. There are three parts to the grant submission request: (1) the basics and overview of the band/artist; (2) the details and samples (unmastered is fine) of the new album, and; (3) the grant request amount and details of the financial budget.
  • Note: To be considered, you will need to include some, or ideally all, of the tracks of the new proposed album (audio upload, audio link, or video link) in some form (mastered or unmastered) as part of the application. FRESHGRASS IS NOT BASING ITS GRANT DECISION ON THE QUALITY OF THESE RECORDINGS; FreshGrass just needs to get a feel for the project through the music. Rough cuts, living room sessions, etc. are all acceptable. FreshGrass will not use submitted samples for any purpose other than grant selection.
  • After submission, FreshGrass will generally take 4-6 weeks to review the project. You will be contacted if any additional information is needed, and with a grant determination after FreshGrass has completed its review.

Or, if you have an application already in progress, please login to complete, update or review your submission:

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