jamie deering

Jamie Deering

Jamie Deering is the CEO of Deering Banjo Company. The daughter of Deering founders Greg & Janet Deering, Jamie was born in 1978, three years after the company was established, and grew up working in all aspects of their family business. Today she incorporates all those years of experience in leading her team at Deering into the future and many more years of providing for the banjo community. She has always kept herself active in the banjo community, personally attending and working festivals, meeting customers, visiting and collaborating with industry partners, or getting involved with the creation of special artist or charity banjos and will continue to do so.

One of the first major steps Jamie took as CEO was acquiring the renowned fingerpick brand ProPik. The founders of Propik shared similar values and so it was important to Jamie to see that as a product and brand it carried on in the same character as it was built. ProPiks are now being made with the same hand done care at the Deering Factory. Deering Banjos has been a family-run American made company for over 45 years, with all Deering, Vega, Tenbrooks and Goodtime Banjos being manufactured under the same roof in Spring Valley, California.