2022 Prize Winner: Enda Scahill

Enda has performed with The Chieftains, recorded with Ricky Skaggs, toured with Frankie Gavin and Stockton’s Wing, was an original member for 10 years of Instrumental Band of the Decade The Brock McGuire Band and is a founding member of Billboard #1 supergroup We Banjo 3. His illustrious recording career includes his groundbreaking solo album Pick It Up, dual Irish Times’ Album of the Year albums Humdinger with Paul Brock and Green Grass Blue Grass with The Brock McGuire Band.

Enda has long established himself as one of the finest exponents of Irish banjo playing and is widely recognised for his technical prowess, innovation and musical curiosity.

In 2008 Enda published his first Irish Tenor Banjo Tutorial book. This was the first ever pedagogical approach to banjo teaching and it laid out in simple terms the essential foundation techniques for good banjo playing Professor Mick Moloney wrote “Enda’s tutor is masterfully conceived, the product of years of playing and thoughtful reflection”. The tutor is now the top selling Irish banjo tutorial on the market. Enda then released Volume II of his banjo tutorial series which takes an in-depth look at creating a unique playing style and musicianship using techniques such as ornamentation, variation, harmony and rhythmical ideas.

In his foreword to the tutorial books, the late Professor Mick Moloney of NYU said “Enda Scahill is a gifted banjo player blessed with extraordinary technique.”